Hi, My name is Tyson Junkers

My introduction to photography came early in life while traveling with my father on business trips. I had the privilege of seeing more through these travels as a young boy than some do their entire lives. Seeing incredible landscapes and architecture had lit a hot passion within me. I wanted everyone I knew to be able to experience what I had felt when seeing these things on my travels but my words would nearly always fail me. Once I had a camera of my own I found myself taking photos of everything I saw. And even though nothing is quite as sweet as it is when seeing it with your own eyes, photography allowed me to share the beautiful things I had seen with the people I love.

Currently based in New Jersey, working as a full time creative director has influenced my work as a photographer. Primarily shooting and selling prints of landscapes, I also record podcasts with the aim of helping amateur photographers. Traveling often I’m most inspired by epic landscapes and love bringing the moment that I saw it back to life. There is so much beauty in the world that even a jog through the park can overwhelm me with how much of it I want to photograph. For me, photography has always been about more than just taking a picture to look back at. Photography is about capturing the experience you were having in the moment and keeping it forever. I love remembering how I felt in the moment and what captivated me when I took a photo and knowing that my work inspires other photographers is one of the many reasons I take photographs.

The work I share here is a collection of both commercial and personal projects. I am available for commissions on a project to project basis and have a number of my prints available for purchase. I also maintain a blog with insight on technical photography tips and my life as a photographer, which you can find linked at the top of the page.

I truly love what I do so please feel free spending as long as you’d like perusing the site.



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