Change of Plans

After waiting nearly two months for my backordered Broncolor lights to ship, I started to realize that these lights are brand new to the market. In other words; No reviews have been posted, no tests have been done, etc. While Broncolor's name speaks for itself, I want to make sure I am very happy with the lights I order so I started to look elsewhere.

I also realized I am going to need a variety of light modifiers which I didn't calculate into the initial investment costs. I ended up going with the HIGHLY rated and recommended Einstein E640s from Paul C. Buff. These lights have been recommended over lights 3X the cost, and I was able to order the lights, stands, wireless controller, soft boxes and reflectors for less than half the cost of the Broncolor lights alone. That's not to say the Broncolor lights aren't worth the price, but I am going to wait for a while before making that kind of investment.

These lights should arrive next week. I can't wait to get started!