Book a Professional Photo Studio for the Day

If you haven't realized it yet, studio photography gets expensive fast. Buying the right camera and lens is just the beginning of the unbelievable amount of products you will need. Before you know it you have a clamp collection... You did read that correctly. I rarely shoot in a studio as it is and yet I have enough clamps to hold up 10 different diffusers. However, even after you get all the right gear, there is one big thing you need hanging over your head from time to time and that is a studio space to work in.

Some of you may have a room large enough to work out of, but sometimes you need even more space to spread your wings. Owning a studio is insanely expensive. Especially if you live in a major city like New York or Los Angeles. Luckily a new website by the name is trying to change how you work by offering hourly to daily professional photo studio bookings.

The site is very simple: Type in where you want to shoot and a list of available studios pops up with high quality photos and a description of exactly what you can expect. Some studios even offer lighting equipment for free! The prices may seem high, but compare that to what it would cost to own and maintain that space and you'll find it's worth booking for a single day.

Check out the website: HERE!