The Nikon Museum is opening October 17th in Japan!

Nikon is 98 years old this year, so what better way to celebrate such an accomplishment than to opening a museum showing how Nikon has progressed since it started in 1917? The Museum will have 6 sections: "Optics as a source", "In pursuit of precision", "Passing on proven skills", "Quality and reliability", "Consistency and innovation", and "The best of the age."

The idea of the museum is to show where Nikon started and to also give you a behind the scenes look at how everything progressed over the years. While you may think seeing a bunch of cameras is boring, you'd be surprised to learn what other technologies Nikon has helped push forward such as flat panel displays.

The Nikon Museum will be open until December 31st, 2016. For More information, go HERE.