My time at the PhotoPlus Expo...

The PhotoPlus Expo was absolutely incredible. There was more to look at than I could have ever imagined. This was the first expo that I couldn't get through in one single day; Every time I thought I finished a row, I found another section I haven't gone through yet. It was amazing to see some of the big name companies there like Sony, Canon, and Nikon, but was equally as amazing to see some of the new faces there with incredible products being introduced for the first time. Take a look at how massive this show was and what my projected path was.


PhotoPlus Expo 2015 w/ Walking Path


I started by taking the escalator up to a giant SAMSUNG logo hanging above the Back to the Future Delorean. (And you thought this was a Photography Show...) I figured the best path would be the one above, but of course I went off that path more times than I like to admit.

One thing I found incredible was the amount of new printers and paper being showed off. With everything going digital, I was happy to see how much care and effort went into the different types of mediums. I left the show blown away by Epson's P600 & P800 printers, and MOAB's Lasal Exhibition Luster 300 paper. I mean, look at this:


If you are a landscape photographer, you'll know by now how big drone photography is becoming so it was no surprise to see the back of the show swarmed by drones. One of the most impressive drones at the show was the Yuneec Tornado H920; A drone that can hold a mirrorless DSLR. However, The drone is rumored to be priced upwards of $5k, so for now I'll continue looking at 3DR's Solo or DJI's Phantom 3.

One product all photographers fuss about is the unavoidable camera bag. There are thousands to choose from and every company claims their bag is the best. At the PhotoPlus Expo, there were more companies selling bags than I even knew existed. You had big name companies like LowePro, and Manfrotto, but also had Peak Design, HPRC, Barber Shop, Able Archer, and more... The show was the first time I got to get my hands on Peak Design's Everyday Messenger Bag. I backed this bag on kickstarter with the hope that it's as good as it sounds. It was! An alternative bag that was as incredible as it looks is Barber Shops' Traveler Bag. The bag is built incredibly well and holds more than I ever need on a shoot including my iPad.

Of all the products I found at the expo, a few really stood out to me as game changing. First off is Western Digital's My Passport Wireless; An external hard drive with wireless capabilities, a built in battery, and a built in SD card slot so you can transfer/backup all your photos on the go avoiding having to bring multiple SD cards! Second is the Memento Smart Frame; a decorative picture frame with a built in 4K ultra-HD display. Now you can have a gallery of your work on the wall in a single frame. Last is Cam-Fi; A wireless camera controller for your phone, tablet, or computer. The Cam-Fi is a small box that sit's in your camera's hot shoe and allows full control via the Cam-Fi app.

The 2015 PhotoPlus Expo was incredible. I couldn't recommend it more to any photographer. Every person I met at the show was excited to be there and even more excited to talk about what they have to offer. I even got to meet Gary Fong who was as excited to be there as everyone else. If you haven't checked out his videos, click here. If you have any questions about the show, let me know below. Hope I see you there next year!