Photography with the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is the top selling wearable device on the market with some of the best apps I have seen available for something you strap to your wrist. There are already a ton of incredible apps for the iPhone, so I was very happy to see developers release what I'd call a sidekick app for the Apple Watch. Here is a list of some of the best Apple Watch apps and a description of how they can help your photography.


  1. What's it do? One of the first 3rd party camera app for the iPhone that's still around and more powerful than ever. Camera+ offered the first touch exposure and focus that you can set separately every time you shoot! Camera+ also features 16 different scene modes that make a huge difference in every shot you take. Definitely worth picking up especially with how often it's updated.
  2. Why is it useful? Camera+ is an incredibly powerful app. It's Apple Watch companion app is used to simply trigger your shot with an optional timer. 
  3. What's it cost? 2.79€

DSLR Camera

  1. What's it do? DSLR Camera is an incredible app that lets you change your Shutter Speed, ISO, Focus, Shooting Mode, White Balance, and Flash. The app also includes over 100 filters and can even shoot 4K video.
  2. Why is it useful? With DSLR Camera Apple Watch app you can remotely control every function and trigger your camera right from your watch. After you shoot an image, you can check it out right on the watch itself which is great for when you're taking a family photo, but don't want to walk back to your iphone to make sure nobody had their eyes closed.
  3. What's it cost? 0.92€

HDR Photo Camera

  1. What's it do? HDR Photo Camera shoots 3 photos at different exposures and combines them into a single HDR Image. If you are unfamiliar with HDR images, look it up and you'll understand how powerful it can be.
  2. Why is it useful? The Apple Watch app allows you to remotely trigger your camera with options such as HDR on/off, and Bracketing modes. When it comes to HDR you need to be as still as possible. Putting your iPhone on a tripod or solid surface and remotely triggering it is a must!
  3. What's it cost? FREE with 2.79€ In-App Purchase to remove ads.


  1. What's it do? Hydra takes over 60 frames and merges them into a single, 32 MegaPixel image. Hydra also captures HDR images with up to 20 images.
  2. Why is it useful? Hydra's HDR Watch App is used to trigger the phone, add a timer, and change shooting modes.
  3. What's it cost? $4.99

ProCam 3

  1. What's it do? ProCam 3 is an advanced version of the iPhone camera. It includes manual controls for exposure, shutter speed, ISO, focus, and white balance, a lossless TIFF file format, 3-shot HDR, Histogram, Nondestructive editing, 60+ filters, and a lot more. Definitely worth the $3.99 price tag.
  2. Why is it useful? The ProCam Apple Watch app allows you to control everything! Not only can you trigger your shutter, but you can change settings, add a timer, review your shots, etc. 
  3. What's it cost? $3.99


  1. What's it do? Triggertrap is described as a creative way to trigger your DSLR, but it's much more than that. Triggertrap has 4 different sensor triggers; sound, vibration, motion, and facial recognition. Triggertrap also has 5 different timelapse modes, and 2 different HDR modes.
  2. Why is it useful? The Triggertrap Apple Watch app can be used to trigger your shots with an added delay, and also be used to check how long your timelapse has been exposed for.
  3. What's it cost? App is Free, but you will need a Triggertrap Mobile Dongle & Connection Cable which costs around 34.51€.


  1. What's it do? Heyday is an incredible way for you to show the world your day. Heyday allows you to make collages of images into a story that you can share with your friends and family. These stories can include notes, text, audio, etc.
  2. Why is it useful? The Heyday Apple Watch app allows you to check out stories, dictate notes, record audio on the go, and even see the last place you were with it's built in GPS.
  3. What's it cost? FREE


  1. What's it do? Instagram is every photographer's social network. It's a place to share photos, videos, and network with other users. I don;t know why I am telling you this since you most likely use it anyway. Haha
  2. Why is it useful? The Instagram Apple Watch app allows you to check out your Instagram feed, post comments, and check out your most recent news. A must for anyone on the go with an Apple Watch.
  3. What's it cost? FREE

Know any more great Apple Watch apps that are photography based? Let me know below!