2 Great Photography Products!

Every once in a while a product pops up online that gets me excited to go out and shoot. Today I found 2 of these. One makes smoke and the other helps with compositing...

The first is called Atmosphere Aerosol; an 8 0z. can that sprays non-toxic smoke to haze/fog a shoot without the need of power. This can can fill a room in as little as 20 seconds, last for up to an hour, and has enough juice to last over 30 minutes of continuous spraying! Incredibly, Atmosphere Aerosol costs $11.95 and is available now! Use Coupon Code: AAHolidayCheer for 25% off until December 1rst, 2015. Check out the video below to see it in action.

The second product I found helps with composition. Stock photography sites are great to find backdrops, but when it comes to composition and scaling you rarely have an object to base anything on. That's where Compositingstock.com comes in handy by offering a wide range of stock photography with a removable cone in every shot. You can then purchase the same cone on their site for $30, use it in your photoshoot, and easily scale your subject for the scene! Check out the video below to understand how this can greatly help your photography.

See any other great products out there? Let me know below!