Trey Ratcliff's Aurora HDR Pro Software!

If you haven't heard of Trey Ratcliff by now, you need to stop what you're doing and head on over to Trey is an incredible travel photographer who's work has been displayed around the world. Trey's videos on HDR, and Landscape photography have helped push my interest in photography to the extreme.

I, like many other photographers, have been using Photomatix Pro for years now for all my HDR needs. Photomatix Pro is an incredible product, but has become quite dated over the last few years. It comes with no surprise that Trey Ratcliff has teamed up with Macphun to create his very own HDR software called Aurora HDR Pro.

Aurora HDR Pro looks incredible. 5 seconds after seeing the UI alone, I pre-ordered it, but it has so much more than just a pretty face. Aurora HDR Pro includes layers, HDR de-noise, curves, filters, top/bottom adjustments, and more.

Aurora HDR Pro will be released on November 19th, but if you pre-order now, you get a 20 minute Aurora HDR tutorial video by Trey, presets, 11 HD wallpapers, and 11 sets of bracketed images. I can't wait! Oh and this post is NOT sponsored. I have been looking for a better way to edit my HDR images for a while now and am very excited.

Click HERE to purchase Aurora HDR Pro for $99.