More was needed!

After making photo after photo, I discovered a few issues I was having that needed to be fixed ASAP! First, I needed a tripod that was super stable. The one I had moved in between almost every shot and that makes compositing near impossible. Secondly, I needed a soft light for rim reflections and some down-the-line portrait shots. Lastly, my ceiling has fluorescent lights. The lights don't effect my shot since my shutter speed is too fast, but the metal holder of the fluorescent lights reflects my Einstein's back into my shot. Shot after shot, I found myself saying, "Where is that reflection coming from!?"

As of tomorrow all my issues should be lessened. I ordered a 22" Beauty Dish for my reflections/portraits. I bought a camera stand that keeps everything incredible stable and finally I bought black felt to cover my ceiling in so all reflections should go away!