Must Have Apps!

In 2014, 3 of the top 5 cameras used on flickr were smartphones. Some photographers may scoff at the idea of using a phone to take pictures, but as smartphone cameras get better and better, can we really be surprised? Well for those of you who can't currently afford a DSLR, but have a decent smart phone, I figured I would put a list together of my favorite mobile apps.

Snapseed - An incredible photo editor currently developed by Google. This app can be used to tweak your photos as much or as little as you would like. I typically use this app to brighten up the shadows in my images, adjust specific color selections using the "Selective adjust" tool, and remove dust and dirt from my images with the "Spot repair" tool. (iOS / Android - FREE)



Camera+ - An iOS exclusive camera that does it all. Two of Camera+'s most incredible features are the ability to set exposure and focus separately, and a front camera flash where the screen flashes white as it snaps a photo. While the camera features are incredible, what would the app be without some great editing tweaks. Besides all the basic tweaks most editors have, Camera+ offers an incredible clarity slider, several scene modes, borders, and a really fun captions creator. (iOS - $2.99)



VSCO Cam - This app is like Camera+ on crack. Not only do you have all the features of Camera+, but you also have a built in social network for your photos. The reason I have Camera+ on the list above is due to the many in-app purchases that VSCO Cam has. I'd rather pay for the app and get all of the in app features for free. (iOS / Android - FREE)



AfterFocus - This app is exactly what it sounds like. Typically, when taking a photo on a smart phone, you don't have great control over what's in focus and what's not like you do on a DSLR. This is where AfterFocus steps in. AfterFocus allows you to outline an object and then add effects to the rest of the image such as setting the focus, adding filters, etc. (iOS / Android - $0.99)



Pro HDR X - Another camera, but this time it's all about HDR. This app allows you to capture multiple photos at different exposures and merge them into one perfect shot. It also offers the ability to add HDR effects to an already captured photo in your image library. The results speak for themselves. (iOS / Android - $1.99)



Adobe Photoshop Mix - While saying the name "Adobe" puts a bad taste in my mouth, the Adobe Photoshop Mix tool is a lot of fun. This app allows you to easily cut out objects from one photo and merge it into another. It doesn't always look perfect, but this is a fun app to play around with. (iOS / Android)

Hope you enjoy... If there are any apps you consider "must-haves" let me know below!