Find a Laptop Friendly Workspace/Cafe

I was recently in New York City and took over 300 photos. I couldn't wait until I got home to upload them on my laptop, but what happens if my photos didn't come out the way I wanted them to? I wish I had a desk to work at anywhere I go.

Finally, the answer to that problem comes in the form of an app called WHA by Work Hard Anywhere. WHA takes the guesswork out of finding an ideal location to work. Need a place with reliable WIFI and outlets? Not a problem. Need a place with reliable WIFI, outlets, food, and parking near by? Not a problem. Just open the app, let it find your location, and a list of workplaces/cafes will pop up that have been reviewed by other creatives trying to find a place to work. The reviews can be as simple as 1 - 5 stars, but can also be broken down into separate categories: Wifi, Outlets, Capacity, Parking, Price, and Food.

Another incredible use of this app is the ability to connect with other creatives. Not only can you meet other WHA users, but you can always share a desk if the place is crowded.

Take a look at the apps screenshots below (click to zoom in) and you'll understand why you need to download this app by clicking HERE!