Photography Bags are Popping Up Everywhere!

In the last 3 months, I have seen more Photography bags released than ever before and that is an incredible thing. The hunt for the perfect camera bag seems impossible. We all want a bag to do a number of things and there always seems to be one important feature missing from every bag we look at.

Recently some of the best Photography bags I have ever seen have gone on the market. While Peak Design's Kickstarter campaign for the Everyday Messenger bag just came to an incredible end, ONA Bags have a released a line called The Black Collection that look incredible:

The Camps Bay - $409

This backpack comes in 3 different colors, and is designed to hold a camera with a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens attached, up to seven additional lenses, most 17-inch laptops and small personal items.

The Brixton - $279

This messenger bag comes in 6 different colors, and is designed to carry a camera, two to three lenses and up to a 13-inch laptop.

The Hamilton - $589

This rolling bag comes in 1 color, and features two different compartments – one for camera gear, and one to pack personal items for an overnight / weekend trip.

I kickstarted Peak Design's Everyday Messenger bag, but The Hamilton from ONA Bags looks like an incredible option for traveling. What bag do you use? What do you like/hate about it?