Clean your Camera with a Lens Vacuum Lens...

Cleaning your sensor is a terrifying task for many. What products do you use? How gentle do you have to be? How safe is it? Did I use too much or too little solvant? etc... A company in Japan by the name Fujin is trying to fix all of your dusty needs with a lens vacuum lens. That was not a typo.

Introducing the world's first lens-shaped camera vacuum cleaner. According to Fujin, traditional cleaners may add more dust from the surrounding air when cleaning, but Fujin attaches to your lens mount and uses air filters to clean your camera while preventing any particles from entering your camera! Watch the video below to understand why this is an incredible solution:

The Canon-only Fujin Mark II is available now while the Nikon-only Fujin D will be available on October 28th from HERE.