iPhone 6S Photography Case for Those on the Go!

Carrying your DSLR around with you everywhere you go is a pain. Most professional photographers have a DSLR and a simple point-and-shoot for when they are on the go, but with smart phone cameras getting better and better, why not just use your phone?

A company by the name Bitplay, Inc. is trying to make your smart phone more like a point-and-shoot/DSLR hybrid by creating a case that makes your phone feel like a proper camera that can use multiple lenses.

The case is called the SNAP! Pro and is being built specifically for the iPhone 6 & 6S. The case gives your iPhone a shutter button, multiple lenses, changeable grips, and a tripod hole while protecting it from any drops. The case is not connected with wires, wifi, or even bluetooth. It physically presses the volume up (shutter) on your iPhone to take the picture, but moves that button into a much more convenient location preventing your fingers from getting in front of the lens.

Speaking of lenses, the SNAP! Pro case can use the iPhone as it, but can also attach to 6 different lenses; Wide-Angle/Macro, Fisheye, 3X Telephoto, CPL, Ultra Wide-Angle, and Full-Frame Fisheye.

The case is currently on Kickstarter and only has 5 days left! Prices range form $49 for the Basic Package and up to $229 for everything.