One Photography Bag to Rule Them All!

One of the most important products for any photographer is his/her bag. Finding a bag that works for you in every situation is nearly impossible. I have used 4 different camera bags over the last 4 years and always find something that irritates me about each one. The messenger bag's strap was so rough, it cut into my shoulder. The backpack I had was incredible, but weighed too much. The pelican case was perfect, but was a hassle to travel with. The sling bag carried too little, but was great for on-the-go shoots.

My ideal bag is a messenger bag with a comfortable strap that can carry my 15" laptop, camera with at least 2 lenses, and some extra accessories. After looking at bag after bag online and in stores, I finally think I found the right one: The Everyday Messenger bag made by Peak Design with Trey Ratcliff.


To understand why I think the bag is absolutely incredible, watch the video below. It shows you everything that went into creating this bag for photographers by photographers.

The bag is still available for pre-order at $195 on Kickstarter. I pre-ordered the $225 version that comes with an extra carrying pouch for days where I want to go out with my camera and an extra lens.

Just remember, there are only 17 days left!