Photography Locations

Finding places to photograph can be a pain. Many photographers I know don't go out as much as they'd like to due to the fact that they don't know where to go. There are a few ways to fix this:

  1. Drive/walk around with your camera and look for places to shoot.
  2. Put together a list of places based on sites or other photographers geo-tagged photos.
  3. Find a site that's dedicated to finding/sharing locations for photographers.

I live in a small town with absolutely nothing but trees to photograph. Walking around with my camera in hand wouldn't work. I started a custom google maps with locations of places I found on other photography sites, but most places are over an hour away which only works on the weekends. I have looked at many site that promise finding locations only to see geo-tagged photos off of flickr. While that doesn't sound like a problem, 90% photos shown around me are random uploads like cars, selfies, restaurant menus for some reason, etc.

I recently came across a site called Scoutt which is a place for photographers to uploads photos with locations around the world. At first, Scoutt's site was empty, but over the last few months I have seen photos pop up all around me. Since then, I have gone to 10 different locations and have discovered new things to photograph. Scoutt has become a great resource for me so I figured I would let you all know about it.

If you haven't checked them out, click here.