Nikon's NEW Astrophotography Mini-Site.

There comes a time in almost every photographer's life when they want to shoot the stars above them only to realize it's harder than he/she thought. Astrophotography is an incredible field to get into, so it only makes sense for a company like Nikon (who has a D810A DSLR dedicated to Astrophotography) to release a mini-site about it.


The site has 6 sections...

  1. Step into the world of astrophotography with Nikon: To get into Astrophotography, you need to have the right gear. This section has an incredible Astrophotography matching chart to help you find the right camera for every situation.
  2. Recommended NIKKOR lenses: Fairly self explanatory. This section recommends lenses to use for astrophotography and explains why you should use each one. Everything from wide-angle to super telephoto is shown with incredible examples.
  3. Astrophotography: a primer: Shooting astrophotography isn't as simple as pointing your camera into the sky and pressing the shutter. This section goes through the various conditions and equipment needed for incredible shots.
  4. An array of stars awaits your challenge: There is a lot more to shoot in space then you might think. This section talks about the different planets, constellations, nebulaes, etc. that you can shoot and breaks down how each example was shot/edited.
  5. Advanced steps with an astronomical telescope: If you love astrophotography, this section talks about taking it to the next level by hooking up your camera up to a telescope.
  6. Message for beginners from an astrophotographer: Takayuki Yoshida, an astrophotographer since 1982, talks about his love for astrophotography and the advances in products since he got started.

This mini-site is absolutely incredible and a great way to get started in astrophotography. Even if you don't own a Nikon, this site is loaded with tips and tricks for any situation. Take a look at the site by clicking HERE.