Photographing Children with Cancer Living out their Dreams

Jonathan Diaz is taking photography to a whole new level. He gives children battling cancer the day of their lives by recreating their biggest fantasies such as being a princess, superhero, fairy, etc. He started the Anything Can Be Project which receives public donations and corporate sponsorships to create incredible sets and costumes for every children he photographs.

"Our mission is to create lasting hope and awareness in the fight against pediatric cancer by taking the dreams of pediatric cancer patients and bringing them to life through the power of photography and art.  To inspire young cancer fighters to believe in the impossible to hope for miracles and find the courage to make their dreams come true.  To inspire others to recognize and cultivate their talents then use those talents to better our world and enrich the lives of others."

Check out this video below from the Anything Can Be Project:

he Anything Can Be Project currently has an incredible book for sale called, True Heroes: A Treasury of Modern-day Fairy Tales. The book contains 21 images of pediatric cancer patients living their wildest dreams through the power of photography and the imagination of Jonathan Diaz. It's worth purchasing for the photographs alone, but, to top it off, all royalties will be donated to the Anything Can Be Project!