Tripod mounting made easy!

I was recently in Newport, Rhode Island taking pictures of a beautiful sunset with my wife by my side. She has the Sony a6000 and wanted to take some shots, but her shutter speed was too slow to hold the camera by hand. We only brought one tripod with us so I had to take my camera off the tripod, unscrew the base plate, screw it into the a6000, and finally click it into the tripod. Needless to say, it's a pain in the ass if you only want to bring one tripod around with you.

Finally someone solved that issue and it's called the Edelkrone QuickRelease One. It's an incredible product that works with all standard tripod mounts. The QuickReleaseONE twists into the screw all tripod plates have. Watch the video below or visit their site here to understand why you need it!