Storage Solution for Photographers

When I switched from a 16 MP Nikon to a 42.4 MP Sony, one thing became very obvious; I need more storage. With 42.4 Megapixels, 20 photos = 1 GB. When I went to Bora Bora I took around 1400 Photos. If I had my Sony, I would have needed 70 GB just for those photos alone! Sadly, my laptop only had 210 GB free, so I needed an alternate solution. NAS Drives are great, but can be slow if you plan on storing your photos on them and accessing them via Lightroom. External drives are great, but are limited to the size you purchase. The perfect solution is an enclosure that holds multiple drives in a RAID format so you are always backed up, have as much space as you need, can be upgraded later, and is fast.

G-Tech has always made some of the best external hard drives, so it was no surprise to me that they recently came out with the G|SPEED Studio XL. An enclosure that holds 2 ev Series drives/adapters as well as 6 standard drives for a combined total up to 48TB of storage.


The G-Speed Studio XL will be available at an MSRP of $2,799.95 for 18TB, $2,999.95 for 24TB, $3,999.95 for 32TB, and $4,999.95 for 48TB of storage. For more information, click HERE.