Prints & Shirts Now Available!

I have been so busy trying to get out and shoot every day that I completely forgot to update my store. This past weekend was dedicated to that. I ended up creating two new pages; one specifically for purchasing prints of my work and one for photography shirts I have created.


Prints are currently available in two sizes and on several mediums. The 2 sizes are 30" x 20" and 60" x 40" and current medium are paper, acrylic, metal, and canvas. I think those 2 sizes combined with those medium are the best way to represent my prints. I am working with a few professional printers who specialize in all things photography so the quality will be incredible.


Shirts come in all different sizes and colors, but only come on high quality, soft materials. The entire reason behind me creating my own shirt designs is due to the fact that I have purchased photography shirts in the past that ended up being rough after one wash. My entire shirt collection is hosted and run on to make sure it arrives fast and that the quality lasts.

Hope you enjoy looking around at my two new shops!