Broncolor, Why!?

It took me weeks to decide on a set of monolights. After finally making my decision and spending a lot of money ordering a set of Broncolor Siros lights I was informed they where backordered. Not a problem. However, I was just informed yesterday that my lights won't ship until mid-January due to Broncolor being backed up entirely!

On some other news, I started the next series of training and have even been thinking of going to the 2015 Fstopper's Workshop down in the Bahamas. Anyone going down to take Rob Grimm's class? Let me know!

So Far, So Good

Just finished's "Starting in Studio Photography: Part 1." An absolute incredible course taught by Alex Koloskov. The course covered everything from light setups to textures to reflections. It's an absolute must for any amateur photographer trying to get in the product photography game.

Also, on some other great news, my Broncolor lights should ship this weekend according to Adorama! Hopefully next week I can start taking some shots if all goes to plan.


Best Tip So Far

The best tip I have been given so far is for anyone with a small studio space like myself. One of the biggest issues I have come across comes in the form of light bouncing off of areas it shouldn't. When you have a small space to shoot in, light tends to bleed out onto the floor, ceiling, and walls. If the object you are taking a picture of is very reflective or calls for very specific lights and shadows you may end up with problems everywhere. Here is where the tip comes in...

Best case scenario, If you can paint the walls and ceiling, paint them matte black. It will stop most reflections from getting in your shot and will give you better control of your lights and shadows.

If you can't paint the walls or don't want to feel like you are working in a dungeon, buy some black foam board in various sizes. Not only can use these to block light from bouncing off of the walls, ceiling, and floor, but you can also use these to block unwanted reflections that show up.

Hope that helps!

Class is in Session

Having over 10 years experience as a landscape photographer, switching to commercial photography is not going to be an easy task.

I just picked up a few great training course from They'll be a perfect follow up to Karl Taylor's DVD set, "Advertising, Product & Still Life Photography."

So, let the games begin...

Coming Soon

My name is Tyson Junkers. I have been an avid photographer my whole life and recently became the product photographer at the company I work for. My passion for Commercial Photography has sky rocketed since the first week I started shooting products. I am currently taking several courses to build up my skills and hope to share the journey with you.

On this blog I am planning on posting work I have done, things I have learned, and things I have learned NOT to do! See you soon!