Finally back! by Tyson Junkers

It's been too long since my last post here, so it's time to update you on everything I've been up to. Over the last month I took several classes on product photography and even a class on shooting liquids. At this point I think the best thing I can do is start shooting even more and try to pass on any tips and tricks I learn on the way. 

That brings me to what's next. I recently purchased more gear, and a couple of GoPros. My plan is to start a weekly podcast about shooting product photography. More specifically, I plan on breaking down images and trying to recreate them as best I can to show you what goes into some professional shoots. 

So that's about it! Starting next weekend, I hope you look forward to my weekly podcast!.

image.jpg by Tyson Junkers

I just picked up Tony Roslund's The Complete Guide To Product Photography & Retouching on The guide consists of over 20 hours of video tutorials that go through pre-production, 11 product shoots, post production, and more.

I was apprehensive about buying the guide at first since I have watched countless hours of tutorials as well as became a Pro Corner member on, but I figured the more the merrier! Tony Roslund gives you a tremendous amount of information that covers everything whether you're a beginner or pro. This guide is a must have and with a price tag of $299 it's hard to pass up on when it can easily change the way you shoot for the better!


Pro Corner Assignment by Tyson Junkers

After countless hours of tuorials, I have officially joined's Pro Corner. What is Pro Corner? It's a section on dedicated to challenges, private forums, and enhanced tutorials. The challenges are a lot of fun and are usually something very different every time.

The latest challenge required Pro Corner members to play around with waves of water surrounding a perfume bottle. I had a blast setting up the table and lights, picking the perfect perfume, and snapping the shot. 

This week I plan on shooting a high end watch. Hope it comes out right!


More was needed! by Tyson Junkers

After making photo after photo, I discovered a few issues I was having that needed to be fixed ASAP! First, I needed a tripod that was super stable. The one I had moved in between almost every shot and that makes compositing near impossible. Secondly, I needed a soft light for rim reflections and some down-the-line portrait shots. Lastly, my ceiling has fluorescent lights. The lights don't effect my shot since my shutter speed is too fast, but the metal holder of the fluorescent lights reflects my Einstein's back into my shot. Shot after shot, I found myself saying, "Where is that reflection coming from!?"

As of tomorrow all my issues should be lessened. I ordered a 22" Beauty Dish for my reflections/portraits. I bought a camera stand that keeps everything incredible stable and finally I bought black felt to cover my ceiling in so all reflections should go away!


Updates... Updates Everywhere! by Tyson Junkers

After making the switch to commercial photography I figured I should completely change my site around while I'm at it! (If you haven't noticed that is...) I really wanted a way to not only show off my photography, but to have a little back story to each shot. If you click Work>Products above you can see what I'm talking about. Ok, back to shooting!


First Shot! by Tyson Junkers

After getting the studio set up, ordering several things I was missing, and finally figuring out how to get my camera to talk to the lights through the complex, but incredible Cyber Commander, I took my first shots...

Then I threw those shots away and took another, then another, then another. Tweak after tweak until I finally started getting somewhere. There is something about seeing reflections in the right spots and having a background nicely lit that gets me excited to keep trying. Here is the first shot I was proud enough to show.


An Incredible Week! by Tyson Junkers

This was one of the best weeks I've had in a long time! Not only did I walk in my office on Wednesday and see 13 boxes sitting there all from Paul C. Buff (image below), but I also found out an employee just moved to a different office giving me my own photography studio!


The room was painted, IKEA furniture was built, hooks where hung, boxes where opened, everything was put together, and the move in finally happened. The room is perfect; It gives me enough space to work, and has a lock on the door so my gear and equipment can stay safe over the weekend.


In the mean time I have already brought in 5 more tripods (all off camera) to hold diffusers, foam boards, etc. The studio is quite empty, but that's the way I love it. Ok, back to work for me!

Change of Plans by Tyson Junkers

After waiting nearly two months for my backordered Broncolor lights to ship, I started to realize that these lights are brand new to the market. In other words; No reviews have been posted, no tests have been done, etc. While Broncolor's name speaks for itself, I want to make sure I am very happy with the lights I order so I started to look elsewhere.

I also realized I am going to need a variety of light modifiers which I didn't calculate into the initial investment costs. I ended up going with the HIGHLY rated and recommended Einstein E640s from Paul C. Buff. These lights have been recommended over lights 3X the cost, and I was able to order the lights, stands, wireless controller, soft boxes and reflectors for less than half the cost of the Broncolor lights alone. That's not to say the Broncolor lights aren't worth the price, but I am going to wait for a while before making that kind of investment.

These lights should arrive next week. I can't wait to get started!

Flash Basics by Tyson Junkers

One of the biggest issues I have come across on many professional tutorial and training websites is the lack of basics. I have done landscape photography for so long, the basic idea of flash was practically lost to me! Below is a great tutorial from Philippe Dame on the basics of flash that helped me get a better understanding of how flash works, what sync speed is, etc. It's a great video to get you started with flash for those who haven't touched one yet.

The Training Never Stops! by Tyson Junkers

Here's my set up right now for watching tutorials. I figured, why not get a nice workout in while learning something new?

I just finished up the third series from I absolutely can't get enough training in every day. Have any other recommendations? The more I can learn about commercial photography, the better off I'll be. Let me know!


Broncolor, Why!? by Tyson Junkers

It took me weeks to decide on a set of monolights. After finally making my decision and spending a lot of money ordering a set of Broncolor Siros lights I was informed they where backordered. Not a problem. However, I was just informed yesterday that my lights won't ship until mid-January due to Broncolor being backed up entirely!

On some other news, I started the next series of training and have even been thinking of going to the 2015 Fstopper's Workshop down in the Bahamas. Anyone going down to take Rob Grimm's class? Let me know!

So Far, So Good by Tyson Junkers

Just finished's "Starting in Studio Photography: Part 1." An absolute incredible course taught by Alex Koloskov. The course covered everything from light setups to textures to reflections. It's an absolute must for any amateur photographer trying to get in the product photography game.

Also, on some other great news, my Broncolor lights should ship this weekend according to Adorama! Hopefully next week I can start taking some shots if all goes to plan.


Best Tip So Far by Tyson Junkers

The best tip I have been given so far is for anyone with a small studio space like myself. One of the biggest issues I have come across comes in the form of light bouncing off of areas it shouldn't. When you have a small space to shoot in, light tends to bleed out onto the floor, ceiling, and walls. If the object you are taking a picture of is very reflective or calls for very specific lights and shadows you may end up with problems everywhere. Here is where the tip comes in...

Best case scenario, If you can paint the walls and ceiling, paint them matte black. It will stop most reflections from getting in your shot and will give you better control of your lights and shadows.

If you can't paint the walls or don't want to feel like you are working in a dungeon, buy some black foam board in various sizes. Not only can use these to block light from bouncing off of the walls, ceiling, and floor, but you can also use these to block unwanted reflections that show up.

Hope that helps!

Coming Soon by Tyson Junkers

My name is Tyson Junkers. I have been an avid photographer my whole life and recently became the product photographer at the company I work for. My passion for Commercial Photography has sky rocketed since the first week I started shooting products. I am currently taking several courses to build up my skills and hope to share the journey with you.

On this blog I am planning on posting work I have done, things I have learned, and things I have learned NOT to do! See you soon!